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About Us

Wiloto Corp. is the Indonesian Strategic Public Relations Group of Companies that deliver the strategic solution to our clients worldwide. We never pretend to understand many countries. We are The Indonesia Expert, we understand Indonesia better.

Wiloto Corp. is the best partner to do business in Indonesia. We have network in 6 different countries: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hongkong and USA, to make sure that all clients can easily get the best services from us.

Wiloto Corp. is the Indonesian Strategic Public Relations Group of Companies that offers integrated communications and investment strategy. Founded by Christovita Wiloto, have handled more than 70 clients, from Indonesia and many other countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Australia, China, etc.

Our services are tailor made and design to support companies to achieve a powerful a result. We assist and support clients and companiesin the field of strategic communication as tools to interact with the simplest mechanism and yet getting the highest possible impact.

Wiloto Corp. exist to help clients to achieve their goals, objectives, mission and vision. Our client’s success is our business and passion.

Wiloto Corp. help & partner with our clients to develop effective strategic direction. We will develop overarching key messages, measurable, realistic, objective and workable tactics. We believe that teamwork with clients is the key success factor to get successful tactical execution and result.

Handling and prevent major issues or crisis that could directly affect clients by working together with management when clients, employees, investors, stakeholders, regulators, and governmental bodies are all demanding immediate answer and action.

Business decision will always have implications to who company interact such as shareholders, customers and employees, as well as suppliers, government regulators, the media, and even competitors. One of the implications from the decision is reputation, and reputation is a major asset to the company. We will help our clients to manage their reputation by preserved and enhanced it.